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GTS Steps In to Fill Void Left by rev.com Online transcription startup rev in April 2020 discontinued its document translation service. Read the rev company statement here.According to localization industry consulting firm Slator, rev's exit from the online document translation services market was due to a dispute over pay rates with their pool of translators. When rev decided to start paying its translators starvation rates, this not only created a revolt in their labor force but also [Read more...]

Professional Translation Services 101

Professional Translation Services Best Practices International professional translation services have become a staple business service which is required by most companies in the world. This post will provide some details about translation services for professional use, and how you can order accurate and professional translation services. Meaning of professional translation servicesProfessional translation services is a transaction in which a business or a person purchases language [Read more...]

The new paradigm of selling online

At GTS Translation, we made a strategic shift about three years ago and started to sell document translation services online. It is a simple concept which is used by several other companies like gengo, onehourtranslation and translated. The customer only needs to upload her/his documents and select the source and target languages. They get the translation price quote online within seconds and can then complete the order and payment online. Delivery and approval of the job are also done online. [Read more...]

What is the best practice for InDesign document translation?

InDesign Document Translation Adobe InDesign is the number one software for creation of brochures, catalogs and other printed material. It is top choice of designers and graphic artists. So it is inevitable that companies that are operating internationally will want to translate the brochures and catalogs into other languages (for use in trade shows, sales events and such).Many customer are unaware that INDD files can be translated directly. So they either do a wasteful two-step process by [Read more...]

Top Online Translation Companies

Buying professional translation services online has emerged as a viable solution for today's customers. In the traditional, full-service model that prevailed in past years, customers would contact a translation agency by phone or by email. Ensuing communications between the client and the agency would also be done offline-sometimes even using postal mail to send in materials.Today, customers can get instant price quotes, order translation services and complete payment online. This results in [Read more...]