Translation prices. Per word or per hour?

In the translation and localization industry, translation prices are typically quoted on a per-word basis. So if a document or file has one thousand words, we multiply the number of words by the price per word to get the translation price per 1000 words. It is a simple pricing system which seems to work. Translators and LSPs are happy with this pricing scheme (as long as they are getting their price). Buyers are generally also happy with the translation price per word system since it gives them [Read more...]

How to Translate MS Publisher Files

MS Publisher is a Desktop Publishing application by Microsoft. It is not one of the leading DTP programs, but since it is bundled with some versions of MS Office, many people may have it on their PC and not even know about it. How to find out if your PC can run MS Publisher If you have Publisher files on your PC and can see the PUB file icon in MS Explorer, then you can run MS Publisher.  Using Publisher isn't rocket science, and if you know your way around any basic DTP app then you will be [Read more...]

8 Best Tools for Freelance Translators

Even professionals tend to make mistakes. Busy workloads, prolonged concentration and associated fatigue can cause people to make silly mistakes even in the most routine tasks. In order to avoid these situations and to detect errors on time, there are a few special assistants that will safeguard the quality of your material. If you have chose your career path as a freelance translator, then the following assistants will become your friends while enabling you to do your job perfectly, regardless [Read more...]

What is the best practice for InDesign document translation?

InDesign Document Translation Adobe InDesign is the number one software for creation of brochures, catalogs and other printed material. It is top choice of designers and graphic artists. So it is inevitable that companies that are operating internationally will want to translate the brochures and catalogs into other languages (for use in trade shows, sales events and such).Many customer are unaware that INDD files can be translated directly. So they either do a wasteful two-step process by [Read more...]

Everything you need to know about CAT Tools

Translators face many challenges in their daily work. They are forced to deliver projects within short deadlines and are often asked to translate more words per day than reasonably possible. And all of this must be done without compromising quality. It obviously means that stress and pressure are a staple of a freelance translator's life. Here's where CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools become critical for any translator. There is no perfect CAT tool, but they help professionals to a great [Read more...]