Translation and Language Industry Observations

Out of all of the online translation companies, GTS Translation is probably the only one to offer online price discounts with our GTS coupon codes. So you can get high quality professional translation services and save money at the same time. Click here for information on how to redeem your GTS coupon code.

If you are a new customer, use coupon code NEW5 to get a 5% discount on your first order. In addition, we periodically run special sales with even bigger discounts. These discounts are offered to registered users who are logged in to the GTS Translation website. We announce these discounts via email and if you are logged-in to our website, through online notifications. Special discount sales have an expiration date and are offered for a limited time-but we feature several of these sales a year.

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GTS Translation is a certified translation company. Our Quality Management System (QMS) is compliant with the ISO 17100:2015 standard.  We support over 100 languages and translate documents of all types including legal, technical, medical and business/financial documents. We offer fast delivery at competitive prices. And you can get even better prices with our special sales and coupon codes.

Hundreds of our customers have used GTS coupons to get the best deal on professional translation services. Be sure to check it out next time you order translation services online.

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