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InDesign Document Translation

Adobe InDesign is the number one software for creation of brochures, catalogs and other printed material. It is top choice of designers and graphic artists. So it is inevitable that companies that are operating internationally will seek out brochure translation services and translate the brochures and catalogs into other languages (for use in trade shows, sales events and such).

Many customer are unaware that INDD files can be translated directly. So they either do a wasteful two-step process by translating the text in a text or Word file and inserting it into the INDD file. But that is a waste of time and expense.  Or they convert the PDF file into MS Word and translate that file. But that may lead to botched up work as text expansion may result in incorrect text placement.

But if you translate the INDD file directly, then the layout comes out good in the first place and the graphic artists will spend no or little time on the translated publications. The good news is that this is a straightforward process which can be handled easily by a professional translator or translation agency. For the workflow that we use at GTS, you will need a licensed copy of InDesign and a CAT tool like SDL Trados. Here is a video which shows our workflow.

How to order InDesign document translation from GTS

To order the translation of an INDD file from GTS, create a translation price quote online. Create the quote using a PDF file and complete the payment online. Once the order is completed, send your INDD files by email to [email protected] and specify the order number. We will translate the INDD file and deliver both a translated INDD file and a translated PDF file.

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