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I recently imported a vehicle from Italy to the US, and in order to get it registered in the USA, I need the Italian title and bill of sale translated to English. There are then two documents for the Georgia state government that certify the content of those translated documents.

We often receive these kinds of requests at GTS. Many car afficionados shop for vehicles in Europe where they can find good deals on European cars. People also import cards from other countries like Japan and Australia. Buying imported cars from local dealers is always an option, but may cost more. Also, they may not always carry the model you are looking for-especially if you are in the market for a vintage automobile. Some people prefer to buy a car abroad and import the vehicle into the USA on their own.

The documents that are required for importing a car into the United States include:

  • Bill of sale/invoice
  • Foreign registration
  • Proof of custom clearance

Other documents may be required. This varies depending on the state in which the vehicle is to be registered. Check with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of each state. For example, here are the New York state instructions on how to register an imported vehicle.

Certified Translation of Vehicle Import Documents

GTS provides translation of vehicle import documents from over 50 languages into English. This includes translation from German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish. If required by the DMV, we can provide notarized translations with translation certificates signed by the translator. If this is required, we will send you the official translations and notarized certificates by overnight mail.

GTS specializes in certified translation of a wide range of official documents in over 80 languages.



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