Google Translate Beats DeepL in Translation Test

The state-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation (NMT) systems available today provide a fast, excellent basis for high quality translations. Spelling, grammar and general formulations have a low error rate and therefore the post-editing (PEMT) requires little effort. For post-editing of technical texts, however, specialist knowledge must be available in both theory and practice in order to correctly reproduce or correct the terminology and functional descriptions of complex content. My own [Read more...]

Chinese Translators take Coronavirus in stride

The coronavirus could not have come at a worst time. During the Chinese New Year, many people take to the roads and railroads, sometimes traveling up to three days to be with family. The outbreak of the coronavirus forced many people to stay at home for the holidays.But for most translators, business is usual since many translators work at home anyway. Work has so far not been impacted, and many of the Chinese translators that work with GTS are optimistic that the Chinese government will be [Read more...]

Optimizing for Incorrect Spelling. Should you be doing it?

Should you optimize for typos? As someone who has been working in the language industry for many years, one of the most common typos I make is typing 'Soanish" instead of Spanish. This  is a common typo, as the 'O' and 'P' keys are located next to each other in QWERTY keyboards, both in mobile devices and on PCs. So on our translation company website, should we optimize for this keyword? It may be a good idea-according to the SEMrush keyword magic tool, over 1.2 million people search for the [Read more...]

Get to know your customers. Localizing your website for Latin America.

This post provides valuable insight into the mindset of Latin American customers, to help you optimize your website localization efforts.Social scientists have studied cross-cultural communication for decades, and some of their findings can shed light on what should and should not be done when trying to appeal to foreign markets.This article explores some crucial peculiarities of Latin American cultures. Most of them seem to evolve from the region’s Hispanic heritage, so they might not [Read more...]

Vera Institute of Justice: Accepting Bids for Language Translation Services

Proposals are due on January 31, 2020 The Center on Victimization and Safety at the Vera Institute of Justice is releasing a Requests for Proposals for language translation services. Vera seeks a qualified, translation services provider to provide document language translation services for materials for meetings, email correspondence, promotional materials, and an array of other documents for translation. SCOPE OF SERVICES At Vera in the Center on Victimization and Safety, we host a variety [Read more...]

Is Trump the New Translator in Chief?

The world is still abuzz with the state-sponsored assassination of Qasem Sulemani. This triggered talks of a US-Iran war. Then came the unintentional  downing of the Ukrainian International Airlines jet by Iran which claimed the lives of 176 souls.  This caused mass riots by thousands of irate Iranians who are demanding the ouster of Iran's ruling class.In a move reminiscent of the airborne leaflet propaganda used in World War II, US President Trump issued a pair of tweets to the citizens of [Read more...]

5 Ways Twitter Can Boost Your Foreign Language Skills

The fastest and most efficient way of learning a foreign language has always been total immersion, using the language on a daily basis, almost to the exclusion of your mother tongue. For people who are not living in a country where their target language is spoken, this is easier said than done.Luckily for the modern language learner, the internet -- and especially social media -- offers unrivaled scope for interacting with native speakers on a daily basis, offering an excellent way of [Read more...]

NEW! Low Cost Website Translation Services

Translating a website into other languages can be expensive. Translating an entire website may not only require a large budget, it usually requires extensive IT support. This may be problematic for small businesses that want to translate their company website at little expense and without a lot of technical headaches. Or sometimes, companies prefer to translate specific landing pages into other languages before launching the entire site in other languages. Introducing the GTS Web Page [Read more...]

International debt collection. Is there a happy ending?

As a freelance translator or a representative of a company in the languages industry, you work with international clients in foreign lands. The nature of our business is international, so your exposure to foreign clients is inevitable. So what do you do when such a client does not pay for services rendered?It's a good question which affects so many people. But the answers are not simple. Indeed, many translators and translation companies can share horror stories of how they got ripped off by [Read more...]

Translation trials: Can AI translators beat humans in business?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next big thing in the world of technology. It is nothing less than a revolution in the field of modern software. As any piece of technology before, AI too has posed certain threats to the traditional industries and setups. One particular threat that we will be discussing today is whether AI translators can take over the human translating business around the world?AI has taken up a prominent place in the human language translation industry and is predicted [Read more...]

Translation prices. Per word or per hour?

In the translation and localization industry, translation prices are typically quoted on a per-word basis. So if a document or file has one thousand words, we multiply the number of words by the price per word to get the translation price per 1000 words. It is a simple pricing system which seems to work. Translators and LSPs are happy with this pricing scheme (as long as they are getting their price). Buyers are generally also happy with the translation price per word system since it gives them [Read more...]

Clutch Names GTS Translation a Global Leader!

Anyone looking for a translation service provider knows that there are a lot of factors that come into play. It’s not enough just to be proficient in multiple languages. Good translators should have strong writing skills, industry knowledge where applicable, and cultural sensitivity. After all, you don’t want an amateur translator to compromise a critical document over a mistranslation.For nearly 20 years, our seasoned professionals have provided translation services for some of the biggest [Read more...]