Chups or Chips? Deciphering Australian and New Zealand English

As a New Zealander traveling the globe, it must be frustrating and tiresome to constantly hear the question “which part of Australia are you from?” To those who can't call the great country ‘down under’ or the ‘land of the long white cloud’ home, the difference between an Australian and a New Zealand accent is almost indistinguishable. But to those familiar with the rivalry between the two countries on either side of ‘the ditch’, there isn’t much worse than being from one and being labeled the [Read more...]

5 Easy Power Poses to Make Yourself More Confident During Remote Meetings

Remote meetings are becoming more and more common fixtures in the business world as wireless technologies improve rapidly. And most recently, with the COVID-19 pandemic, remote meetings have become the main (and sometimes only) way in which business meetings are conducted.Unfortunately, a lot of people, even those who are perfectly confident and composed in traditional meetings, are extremely nervous and unsure when they have to meet with business contacts remotely. Luckily, there is an [Read more...]

How to Increase Your Business Revenue by Optimizing the Customer Experience

If you still don’t realize the importance of customer-business relationship, you are missing out on a lot. Over the past few years, it has become quite obvious how customer experience can be a game-changer for your business. Companies that value their customers and work on improving their experience have shown rapid progress as compared to their competitors.Having a strategy that caters to better customer experience can take you places; it not only affects your business revenues positively, [Read more...]

Slowing economy drops the hammer on translation prices

Translation services are experiencing a drop in demand due to the slowing of the economy and rampant unemployment in most of the world economies. Entire industries have been nearly shut down, causing translation companies that serve in these sectors to run for cover. This is especially true in the following industries which are international in nature and therefore drive demand in the translation business.Travel and Hotels. Nobody is traveling today and many hotels are shut down.  It is [Read more...]

In the COVID-19 Era, Disinfectants and Hand Sanitizers Safety Data Sheets are being Offered Free of Charge

COVID-19 has caused a spike in the manufacture and supply of hand sanitizers and disinfectants. You don't need a market study to learn this. Is there any home or business in the world now that isn't stocked with hand sanitizing alcohol gel? sanitizers were made famous in a meeting in 2008 between then President George W. Bush and then President-elect Barack Obama. Bush reportedly told Obama that when you shake as many hands as a he did, use [Read more...]

Exploring the Markets of Vietnam

In common with most markets anywhere in the world, Vietnam's markets are very colourful, vibrant places that teem with cheerful, enthusiastic vendors and savvy, bargain hunting buyers. The larger Vietnamese markets, as can be found in most large towns and cities, generally sell all manner of things such as clothing, shoes, hats, kitchen utensils, rolls of silk and other cloth. Of course, now souvenirs are also prominently displayed to specifically meet the perceived demands and requirements of [Read more...]

Google My Business Suspends Service due to COVID-19

Google My Business service has been suspended due to COVID-19. I learned this when some of our customers tried to leave online reviews which were not published by Google. I find this to be most distressing. Online businesses, such as GTS Translation, rely on online reviews for their living. Leaving a client testimonial can help other customers make good online buying decisions and is a valuable service to the public. We relied on Google for this service and now it appears that our trust was [Read more...]

AI Won’t Replace Human Translators Yet. Here Are 3 Reasons Why

Long past are the days when AI was a story created by Science fiction books and movies. Technological advancements in the field have made Artificial Intelligence a practical and valuable resource for the industry. Today, every industrial sector is integrating machine learning in their operations to improve efficiency and productivity. The applications of AI are far and wide; it has outperformed humans in computing large amounts of data to identify meaningful information, it is vital in the [Read more...]

Preparing for recession: How can LSPs weather the coronavirus storm?

Welcome global recession. We weren't expecting you and you are not welcome in our house. But it looks like we have no choice and you are here to stay for a while.The coronavirus has already put many people out of jobs and we are just at the beginning. Many more people will be out of work. That means less spending by consumers and businesses. The stock market is in bear territory and the net worth of many people has shrunk dramatically. Shrinking budgets will become the norm in corporations [Read more...]

Should LSPs be using the coronavirus to drum up business?

In the last 2-3 days, we are getting dozens of emails from Language Service Providers (LSPs) who are using the Coronovirus as an excuse to spam potential clients and push their services. Here is an example: _____________________________________________________________________ Dear business partners,Despite various restrictions and quarantine measures, we operate as usual. Our technologies enable complete home-office for our project managers, translators, editors, DTP staff and other [Read more...]

Coronavirus drives demand for translation services

The entire world seems to be consumed these days with the hysteria around the coronavirus outbreak. And for good reason. Thousands are already dead and the outbreak seems poised to wreak havoc throughout the entire world.US President Trump has issued a travel ban, basically cutting off travel between Europe and the USA.  According to Germany's Chancellor Merkel, as many as 70% of Germany's population may become affected by the virus. World markets have come crashing down as many businesses [Read more...]

Is Neural Machine Translation (NMT) as good as human translation?

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on LinkedIn entitled: More proof why IMO machine translation is clearly not ready to replace professional translators. You can see the full post here.This was a simple test that we ran after receiving an order from one of our clients. We ran the original German sentence through a number of free online machine translation tools and compared the results against our own translation. Our translation was done by our professional team without using any MT [Read more...]

How to Increase Conversion rates on your Website

As any online business manager or owner knows, driving traffic to your website is challenging. But even success in driving traffic is only winning half the battle. Getting visitors to convert and buy online is the other and more important half of your success. The Challenge Facing GTS Translation GTS Translation has been selling professional translation services online for several years. And while traffic is robust due to our dedication to organic SEO and our lofty standing in the [Read more...]