Impact of the Port Explosion on the Translation Industry in Lebanon

The Covid-19 pandemic in Lebanon is a crisis within a crisis. It occurred amidst a broader socio-economic meltdown that has shaken the country in recent months. This has affected all sectors, including the translation industry. Although the translation sector was already not in its prime, it was doing quite well compared to other industries during this sensitive period in Lebanon. I would also be remiss if I did not mention that translation services do not necessarily relate to any specific [Read more...]

Translation Services USA

According to the US Department of Labor, as of the year 2018 there were 76,100 translators and interpreters employed in the USA. And the job outlook for translation professionals is excellent with a much faster than average growth rate. But at $49,930 a year, the median pay scale for translators and interpreters is relatively low. Dreaming of becoming a millionaire? Don't pick a career in translation. Freelance translators and interpreters can, however, make much more. And many people employed [Read more...]