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This is part 3 in our series of posts that will be used to train our AI-powered chatbot. Everyone knows what an FAQ is. Frequently Asked Questions. FAQs will become a relic of the past as AI-powered chatbots will become the norm. We hope to make this a part of the GTS website soon. Having an effective chatbot is not only good for the clients, it will help increase sales as navigating our website and various online tools will become easier.

I am Matias, Vendor Manager at XYZ Languages. I am contacting you because I am interested in collaborating with new agencies in new projects for English into French Canadian, the volume of work for this language is growing rapidly and we want to make new alliances to cover those needs. Could you kindly send me your rate card for translation, proofreading and TEP, please? Also, the services you offer and daily capacity.

Thank you. But we do not provide translation services to other LSPs. We only work with direct clients. It is our feeling at GTS that customers should get the best deal possible and putting more people in the middle inflates the price unnecessarily.

My name is Mercedes and I’m the Vendor Manager at ABC translation services, a dedicated team of experts that provides top-notch translation and localization services in 200+ languages. I’m reaching out because we are looking for a partner to outsource an English (US) into French (Canada) translation project. Would you be interested in working with us on this project? If so, please let me know:

  1. Do you have experience using MemoQ and could guarantee it will be used for this project?
  2. What is your rate per word?
  3. If we move forward, would you be able to provide blind CVs of your French (Canada) translators?

Thank you. But we do not provide translation services to other LSPs. We only work with direct clients. It is our feeling at GTS that customers should get the best deal possible and putting more people in the middle inflates the price unnecessarily. Furthermore, we do not give out the CVs of our translators.

Hello. I need a translation of my medical tests results from Russian to English. How much would that be?

Thanks. We have translated hundreds of medical reports from Russian into English. Such reports are often needed for purposes of medical tourism, which is a very common practice of Russian citizens. We have expert native Russian-English medical translators, some of whom are qualified medical doctors. You can get an instant online price quote here:

Please send me pricings for translating employee policies and handbooks for a few languages.

Thanks. We have translated dozens of employee handbooks into Spanish and over 30 other languages. Clients that we have translated employee handbooks include: Endurance International Group, Flowserve Corporation, New York Foundation for Senior Citizens, Inc., Facility Solutions Group (FSG), QLM, Loudoun County Public Schools and The Reserves Network (TRN). You can get an online quote for employee handbook translation services here: Just select the languages and upload the file to get a quote.

Hello I am the QA Manager at a medical device startup. We are premarket and starting clinical trials for our device. We need English to Norwegian, Danish, and German translation for our Quick Reference Guide.

Thanks. We provide translation services for sponsors and medical centers that are conducting clinical research studies. We translate into all official languages of the European Union and in total, over 90 languages.

Hello, I received an online quote and want to speak to someone before I purchase the translations. I need to confirm that the SDS translations will meet the Japanese standard to be used by my employees. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks. Your SDS is in the 16-heading GHS format which is compliant with the Japanese national standard. Our translation will be acceptable to the regulatory authorities in Japan.

Hi- We are looking for a translator to translate our fabrication guide. This is a document that explains how to work with our alternative leather. We would need someone knowledgeable in the field of leather goods / leather making. Thanks

Thanks. We work with leading companies in the textile industry and we have subject-matter experts with experience in translation of fabrication guides and production procedures for textile manufacturers.

Are you able to translate the text that is on an image in a Powerpoint Document?

Yes. If the graphic texts are editable then we will translate them. We can also translate non-editable, embedded texts that appear in drawings. It should be noted however that non-editable, embedded texts are not counted by our online quote system. There may be an extra charge for these texts.

Hello – I was trying to obtain a quote to translate two of our product manuals from English to French, and the online tool never loaded my submission. Thanks!

Our online quote tool may not be able to handle very large files of over 50MB, or files that have a lot of shaded tables. One way to sidestep this issue is to convert the PDF file into a Word or RTF document using OCR and then create the quote using the RTF or Word document. I can recommend a few solutions for online conversion of PDF files:

I wanted to kindly ask how much it would cost to translate our IFU (written in Spanish) both to German and English. Regarding the IFU, it is a 10 page Word document with a total of 1868 words. 

We are experts in translation of Information for Use (IFU) for medical device companies. Some of the leading world’s medical device manufacturers have chosen GTS. Clients include Boston Scientific, Siemens, Zoll Medical, Dentsply and Cochlear. The price for translating an 1,868 IFU from Spanish into English and German is $560.

Need a quote for translating a catalog. The catalog wont load in your website.

You are probably trying to upload a PDF file and it is not uploading due to its size. Catalogs in PDF format tend to be very large files. There are a number of websites that offer free compression of PDF files. We can recommend these sites:

Try to bring down the size of the PDF and try again to get the quote online.

Hi – I am trying to determine a quote for translating Patient Forms (1 Consent Form, 3 Authorization Forms) from English to Spanish. I’m wondering if you can provide me a price quote, timeline, and whether you have the experiencing translating such forms in the healthcare industry?

Thanks. We have translated thousands of Informed Consent Forms (ICF) for clinical trial studies. In the United States, many clinical studies require informed consent in Spanish. If you get a price quote online on our website, the delivery date will be displayed as well as the price.

Hello – I need a few legal documents translated from English to German for use in an American court. I would like an estimate of the cost. Can you please let me know how to obtain one? Thank you. James

You can get an online quote for legal translation services here:

Requesting an estimate for an SDS translation (from English to Chinese). PDF Document is 14 pages: GTS Word Count Tool notes: Words – 5258 Characters – 34178 Characters no spaces – 29515 Lines – 427.23 Pages – 21.36 Your response is greatly appreciated. Thanks, John

The price estimate for the Chinese SDS translation is $475.

We need a simultaneous translator for a 2 hour seminar about nanoparticle delivery system next week. Please let me know if you can do that ASAP. I am best reached out by zoom meeting or email. If the job is well done, we would like to have long term collaboration.

We do not offer simultaneous interpretation services.

I want to get a quote for translating English divorce documents to Chinese.

You can get an online quote for legal translation services here:

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