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This is part 5 of a series of posts, the content of which will be used to train our new Chatbot which is currently in development. These posts contain real questions which were asked by GTS clients in the past year, and responses to these queries.

Training a custom chatbot involves a few key steps. Note that the specifics will depend on the complexity of the chatbot you want to create, whether it’s a simple rule-based bot or a sophisticated AI-powered one. You can also use GPT models, like ChatGPT, to build your own chatbot. GPT models have been pre-trained on a large amount of internet text and can generate human-like text based on the input they receive. GTS has elected to go with DocsBot AI  and the chatbot should be live this June.


I need to translate a marriage certificate from Russian into English. Could you kindly let me know if you provide notarized translation?

We can translate your marriage certificate from Russian to English and provide a signed translation certificate of accuracy. We do not offer notarized translations at this time.

Hello we have approximately 200 pages needing translation from English to French with a certification to be used in a court hearing. Please advise when you’re able to discuss. Thank you very much.

We can translate your documents from English to French and provide a signed translation certificate which is recognized by many courts. It is up to you to determine the court’s specific requirements for certification. You can get the price quote online here:

Hello, My name is LB and I’m part of Meta’s Sourcing Team over Latam. We are looking for a supplier for Sworn Translations of Contracts, over Latin America, to attend mainly Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Canada. Could you please share a contact so we can give more details about the process? Thank you in advance.

The standing of sworn translators differs from country-to-country in Latin America. Some countries do not have sworn translators while other countries do. GTS can provide service by sworn translators in countries where this is required for legal or official purposes.

Hello, I need to translate a birth certificate from English to Spanish in order to obtain empadronamiento. Does your company offer official translations and legalizations?

Our translations are accepted by USCIS, the Canadian government and many immigration authorities worldwide. You can order the translation online here:

I have a question about translating a video talking about poker. 2 questions: 1) is this an area you are capable of? 2) what is your rate on something like this. The time frame would 5 min and 36 seconds .

We have extensive experience in translation for the gaming industry including translation of video subtitles. You can figure approximately 160 words of English each minute of audio. Therefore, there will be about 880 words in 5.5 minutes of video. The price varies depending on the translation languages. You can get an online price quote for translation of the video transcript in SRT or TXT file format  here:

1. Hi, I’m trying to upload a medical doc for a quote but it gives me an error message saying that the file doesn’t contain text. How can I get it quoted? Thanks

The common reasons for not be able to load a document into GTS online quote tool are:

  1. Large PDF file size. Files that are over 20MB may not load into our quote tool. When this is the case, there are a number of online tools that you can use to compress large PDF files. Try compressing the PDF file and then try to get the quote again.
  2. Large Word or PowerPoint files. The most common cause for very heavy DOCX/PPTX files is graphics (e.g. screenshots or photos) embedded in the file. You can compress the graphics and reduce the file size significantly as follows: open the filein MS Word and select any one of the images. Then from the menu, select Picture Format and then click Compress Then select the lowest resolution and make sure to apply it to all pictures.
  3. Poor PDF file quality. PDF files which were created by scanning hard copy documents can be of poor quality. This makes it difficult for our quote tool to count the number of words in the file. When this is the case, try to create an editable file by converting the PDF into an MS Word file. There are a number of online OCR tools for this. Once you have converted the PDF file, try to get an online quote again.

Can you translate a letter written in French to English for a passport application?

Yes. You can order the translation online here.

Hello, I work for a Gastroenterology Doctor and we are in need of a translation company …we currently have a new patient that requires Mandarin language to be translated . Please let me know what is required to set this up with your company and for future use as well.

If you require document translation services for your patient, like translation of informed consent forms, we can help. You can order the translation online here.

I am Kate from an architecture company. We are doing business with foreign customers. So there are some files need to be translated. What we need now is the translation for both English and Chinese. So I would like to require a quotation for CN-EN and EN-CN translation.

Thanks Kate, we can translate both from English into Chinese and from Chinese into English. You can order translation services online here..

I’m looking for translation services for some school documents

We provide translation in over 90 languages of school documents like college transcripts and diplomas, You can order the translation online here:

Great if you could offer me online German English translation work at a decent price.

Our prices for German English translation start at $0.14 per German word. In our experience, we are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive service. We believe that our price is very competitive for the service level and quality which we provide.

Hello, we are needing an Engineering manual generated into Italian from our English one. Roughly around 1000-1200 pages.

We can help translate your Italian Engineering manual into English. But if you only have a rough estimate of the number of pages in your Engineering manual, then you are probably not ready to get started at this time. Please contact us when the manual is ready and we can provide you with a price quote.

What’s the cost of translating half a page of Mandarin Chinese to English? Thanks

We have a minimum order price of $175. The minimum price changes from time to time, but if you only have half a page then you may be better off using a different service.

I would like to request Translation Service of legal documents from English to Canadian French. Could you send me a free quote. Thank you

We translate every kind of legal document from English to French Canadian. This includes contracts, patents, articles of association and company registration documents. You can get a free quote for English to Canadian French legal translation services here:

Good afternoon – My organization, British Columbia Public School Employer’s Association, is looking to negotiate a standing agreement for French-to-English and English-to-French translation services. We are the employers’ association for the province’s 60 school districts, including School District 93, Conseil Scolaire Francophone de la Colombie-Brittanique (CSF). We require periodic document translation services, including for job descriptions, job postings, collective agreements, policies, and investigations. Would your company be interested in providing a free quote for a standing agreement for services?

Thanks. We are interested in a standing agreement to translate your materials from English to French Canadian and from French Canadian to English. We can provide you with a coupon code which will allow you to order translation services online and pay against an invoice. This will provide your organization with a flexible solution to order translation services as needed, without paying a retainer fee.

We are currently working with the US Government on a project where translation/Interpretation services will be needed. I am currently looking for a contact and email of someone within your company I can reach out to and send them an Request for pricing.

You can get general pricing information here: You can send general queries to this email address: [email protected].

Does GTS offer engineering / technical translation from Finnish to English? I tried to obtain a quote but each file indicated an error. Please advise. Thanks, -Erica

Hi Erica. We translate technical/engineering documents from Finnish to English. If you encountered an error while trying to get an online quote, the problem is most likely either a very large file or a poor quality PDF file. Try to compress your file so it is under 20MB; and convert scanned PDF files to MS Word format using an online OCR service.

Trying to upload a Power of Attorney to get a quote to be translated in Portuguese from Portugal and I keep getting an error message when I try to upload it.

The problem is most likely either a very large file or a poor quality PDF file. Try to compress your file so it is under 20MB; and convert scanned PDF files to MS Word format using an online OCR service.

Hello. I would like a quote to translate our software application into a few different languages.

Thanks. We can localize your software application into over 90 languages. Localization of a software app usually involves translation of the User Interface (UI). The UI is typically contained in resource files. The types of resource files varies with each development environment. We can handle all types of resource files. You can get an online quote for some types of software resource files but not for all types. If you can’t get the quote online, please send us the list of languages you require and the RC files by email to [email protected] and we will provide a price quote.

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