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Good afternoon, I am looking specifically for Food Label translation. Under the quote, select industry, I am not finding that description yet your website identifies that you also offer translation services for food labels. Please advise,

Please select Food and Beverage in the Industry pulldown field. We translate food labels into French Canadian and over 90 other languages. You can find more information here:

We need a simultaneous translator for a 2 hour seminar about nanoparticle delivery system next week. Please let me know if you can do that ASAP. I am best reached out by zoom meeting or email. If the job is well done, we would like to have long term collaboration.

Thanks but we do not provide simultaneous or consecutive interpretation services.

I‘m unable to load my document but would like a quote.

The common reasons for not be able to load a document into GTS online quote tool are:

  1. Large PDF file size. Files that are over 20MB may not load into our quote tool. When this is the case, there are a number of online tools that you can use to compress large PDF files. Try compressing the PDF file and then try to get the quote again.
  2. Large Word or PowerPoint files. The most common cause for very heavy DOCX/PPTX files is graphics (e.g. screenshots or photos) embedded in the file. You can compress the graphics and reduce the file size significantly as follows: open the filein MS Word and select any one of the images. Then from the menu, select Picture Format and then click Compress Then select the lowest resolution and make sure to apply it to all pictures.
  3. Poor PDF file quality. PDF files which were created by scanning hard copy documents can be of poor quality. This makes it difficult for our quote tool to count the number of words in the file. When this is the case, try to create an editable file by converting the PDF into an MS Word file. There are a number of online OCR tools for this. Once you have converted the PDF file, try to get an online quote again.

I would like to get a quote for translating English divorce documents to Chinese.

You can get a price quote online for translating your divorce documents to Chinese by going to Upload the divorce documents and select the Chinese variant that you need: Simplified Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, Traditional Chinese or Cantonese Chinese.

Translation of holocaust survivor video testimony. The interview is in Russian and I want English subtitles added. I have this on DVD and it’s 90 minutes long.

The easiest way to order this translation from GTS is to first transcribe the video into text. There are a number of online services that can perform this service. Or you can use an online freelancing platform like Fiverr or Upwork to order this work. If you will be needing subtitles, ask the transcription service to provide the transcript in SRT file format (SubRip subtitle file). Once you have the SRT file, you can get an online quote for Russian to English subtitles translation here:

Hello, I am looking for a company to translate a manual from English to Spanish, French, and Tagalog. Let me know how is best to proceed. Thanks!

You can get an online price quote for translation of your manual here:

Hello, I work for XYZ Solutions, Inc. We are trying to identify a primary vendor for translation services and would love an introductory call to get the process started. I have availability most of next week. Thank you for your time.

We can help make that happen. In order to better prepare for the introductory call, please send a brief email stating your requirements to [email protected]. You will normally receive a response on the same business day.

I tried to start afresh to get a quote but I still don’t have the quote in email. Please help! My development is blocked on this!

If you get an online price quote for translation services on the GTS website, there is an option to get the quote send by email. If you do not see the quote in your Inbox, please check the Spam folder. If you still can’t find the quote, generate the online quote again and instead of getting the quote sent to you by email, download the quote as a PDF file.

Do your translated versions of the documents come back in their original format (with photos, design elements, etc. intact), or would we receive bodies of text without formatting?

We will deliver your publication in the same page layout as the original. This includes photos, drawings and tables). In some cases, however, slight deviations from the original page layout may occur. This can be the case in multi-column documents and brochures with advanced design elements. If you are translating a catalog or brochure, it may be best to provide us with the native files (e.g. in InDesign format). We can translate the native files directly, retaining the page layout of your publication perfectly.

Hello, Could you please tell me how much it costs to translate a Livret de Famille from French into English? Also, do you offer translation services that are certified for USCIS? Thank you for your time, Kristina

You can get the price quote for translating the Livret de Famille here: We provide you with a signed translation Certificate of Accuracy which is accepted by USCIS, the Canadian government and other immigration authorities worldwide.

Hi, We are a Chinese client of ABC LLP, called Shanghai Technology Co., Ltd. We are currently in the process of IPO in NASDAQ, and ABC is our U.S. attorney. We have heard from ABC that you provide quality translation services, and now we have some documents that need to be translated from Chinese to English for the SEC. Therefore, we would like to email you for some details. Could you please provide us with a brief introduction of your company and a  description of your fees and the time for document translation?  Hope to get your reply and reach further cooperation, thank you. Kind regards.

We can translate all of the documents that you need for your NASDAQ IPO filing. This includes Chinese to English translation of registration statements, prospectus, underwriting agreement, auditor’s report, corporate governance documents, executive officer information, balance sheets, income statements, statement of changes in equity, statement of cash flow and legal opinions.

Good afternoon! I work for a fireplace manufacturer and we publish our Installation and Operation Manuals in both English and French. I was wondering if you are able to translate only portions of the manual? Many parts of the manual are repetitive from manuals before, therefore we wouldn’t need those parts translated. Please let me know if this is something you would do and what the procedure would be if you do. Thank you so much!

Yes, we can translate portions of your manual. Please prepare a Word file that only contains the text you need to translate. You can also use our DNT (Do Not Translate) feature: mark the text you do not want to translate with double brackets on each side. For example: [[This text does not need to be translated.]] Any text which is surrounded by double brackets is not included in the word count. You will not pay for those texts and they will not be translated.

Hi I am looking for the translation of two documents in Chine to English. It has chemical and clinical data, total nine pages. I am looking for expedited service, please let me know if you can provide this service.

We can translate clinical trial and chemical safety documents from Chinese to English. We can deliver 9 pages in 2 business days. You can get the price quote online here:

Hi. I want to translate a doctor’s note/letter from the hospital to apply for passport/visa services. I want to make sure the translated deliverable has an official header or something to show it was professionally translated. Is that something you can provide and how do you charge for that?

We provide you with a signed Statement of Accuracy certificate. The certificate is printed on our company letterhead.

Hello, I would like to get a quotation for the translation of a medical report from German to English. I am unable to upload it as it is a pdf.

Medical reports in PDF format are often scanned and therefore it is not possible to obtain a word count for these documents. Try to create an editable file by converting the PDF into an MS Word file. There are a number of online OCR tools for this. Once you have converted the PDF file, try to get an online quote again.

Are you certified to ISO 17100?

Yes. Our Quality Management System is certified as compliant with the ISO 17100:2015 standard.

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