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This is part 2 of a series of posts that will be used to train our AI-powered chatbot. The questions featured in these posts are quoted verbatim from real customer queries that were received over the last year. We have found that many of the queries are repetitive and we believe that AI is a perfect candidate to provide virtual assistance to customers, which will be just as effective as a human agent.

Where are you located?

As a chatbot, I am not located anywhere in a physical sense. If you are inquiring about the location of our offices, we have a few locations. And we have translators in over 100 countries worldwide. You can find more information here:

Are the quality of your translations guaranteed?

Yes. Our quality system is certified compliant with the ISO 17100:2015 standard. All of translations come with a warranty, and in the unlikely event of translation errors we will revise the translation at no extra cost. This warrantee is not limited by time.

I need translation of an Informed consent form (1 page <400 words), and information for subjects (3 pages, <1600 words) document from English to Spanish, and was wondering what it would cost. We would only need the text translated, no formatting or image translation. Can you provide me with a ballpark estimate of how such a translation service would cost and how quickly you could provide the service?

We have extensive experience in translating informed consent forms into Spanish for clinical trials which are conducted in the USA. It is estimated that over 40 Million people in the USA are Spanish speakers, which makes translation of ICFs into Spanish a requirement for many study sponsors. To get a ballpark estimate for the translation, multiply the number of words in the informed consent forms by $0.10.

We are looking for a company to assist us with Spanish translation of marketing materials and possibly disclosures.

Thanks. We can help. GTS has extensive experience in translation of marketing materials and legal documents into Spanish. You can get an instant online price quote here:

We are researching vendors to assist us with marketing translation services. We are a credit union, so a company experienced in the financial services industry is preferred. I would like to talk with someone who can provide me with some details. Thank you

Thanks. We can help. GTS has extensive experience in translation of marketing materials and financial documents into over 90 languages. We work with leading banking institutions worldwide. This includes UBS, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Bendura Bank and and Sparkasse bank AG. All the information you need can be found on our website and there is not need for a phone conversation. You can get an instant online price quotes here:

Can you please provide the cost of translation of a 9 page document in French to English?

If you have the document available in PDF or MS Word format, you can get an instant price quote online here:

Hello, Are the services you offer confined to translating documents only, or do you also offer appointment-based translation services? My employer has live appointments with patients whose first language might not be English and we are looking for a service that can provide “in-call” translations.

Thanks. We do not offer appointment-based translation services at this time.

I need translation from Arabic to English 40 Document with a total of 300 pages, by tomorrow, how much will it cost me.

Thanks but it is not possible to deliver a 300 page translation in one day. We provide certified, human translation services and it is not feasible to deliver such a length translation in such a short time.

Hello, I have an 4 page Word Document (2328 words) that we need translated today into Dutch for a project in Suriname. Would someone please be able to send me a quote and let me know if this possible?

Our normal delivery time for translating 2,328 words from English to Dutch is 1 business day. So if you order the translation today, you will have it tomorrow. Please order the translation online by going to

Hi there, we’re looking for English to German translations for technical manuals and software. What is your experience in this field?

Thanks. We have extensive experience in English to German translation of technical manuals and software resource files. Clients include Siemens Building Technologies, Honeywell International Inc. Microsoft Corporation, Magna Seating, Infineon Technologies, Global Foundries and many others. You can check our clients list here:

Hello, I hope you are doing well. We are looking to find a service that can assist us in translating technical documents (i.e., technical manuals) from English to Swedish. As the documents are specialized in nature, an elevated level of precision is required. Please let us know if this is something you can perform and the approximate cost for about 250 pages (about 160 words per page). Thank you in advance and if you have any question’s let me know.

Thanks, I hope that you are doing well too. We have extensive experience in translation of technical manuals into Swedish. We have subject-matter expert Swedish technical translators with training in engineering and software. Our cost estimate for translating a 40,000 word technical manual from English to Swedish is US$8,000. You can get a fixed-price quote for your translation here:

i am looking to translate a vehicle title from German to English. do you provide that service?

We can help translate your vehicle import documents into English. Our price for the translation is $400. This includes translation of the vehicle title into English, a signed translator affidavit and delivery by overnight mail to any address in the United States.

Hello, We are a law firm and used few human translation companies, but we are not satisfied with the quality of translation. I would like to request a free sample translation, a text less than 75 words to evaluate the quality of translation. Would you please let me know if this is something you could assist me with.? Thank you

Thanks. We do not provide free translation samples. If you would like, you can order a paid sample to evaluate our quality. You can get an order the sample translation here: It should be noted that if you are a perennially dissatisfied client who is unhappy with several translation companies, it is likely that you would find fault in our service as well. So perhaps it would be better if you order from a different translation service.

Hello, I would like to receive a quotation for the translation of my Italian driver license to English. I need to present it to the Ottawa Driver Test for the acceptance of my former driver experience.

Thanks. Our price for the translation your driver’s license into English is $175. This includes certified translation and a signed translation certificate.

Hi there, I tried to submit a document for a quote, but because my doc is a scan the system wouldn’t accept my submission. Can I please get someone to contact me so I can send the scan and get a quote?

Thanks. Please convert the PDF file into a Word document using OCR and then create the quote using the Word document. I can recommend a few solutions for online conversion of PDF files:

Hi, we are looking for a translation service for our website which will include the T&C and privacy policies etc, the website is in English but needs to have an Italian language option.

If your website is in WordPress, you can use our GTS plugin to obtain a price quote. Click here for more information: If not, please save the T&C and Privacy Policy pages in HTML or XLS format and get the price quote online here:

I am a preacher in the United States for the Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministries, which is a church based out of the Philippines. Our Beloved Pastor has several sermons that are recorded in Tagalog that I would like to be able to listen to and share but need them translated into English.

Thanks. Please use an online service to transcribe the Tagalog audio. Once you have obtained the transcript, you can order the translation online by going to:

I would like to get some forms translated from English to Spanish.

Thanks. You can get an instant online price quote here:

Hello, I am needing two SDSs translated from English to Polish. I wanted to double check that it would be possible and what your rates are? Thanks!

Thanks. We have translated hundreds of SDS into Polish and will be glad to help. You can get an instant online price quote for Polish SDS translation services here:

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