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Many people seem to be afraid of AI. The most extreme scenarios detail a world where AI-powered robots will launch a military attack against humans and engage in genocide. Other much less scary scenarios envision massive reduction of jobs, as human employees will be replaced by software. This technology is gaining the attention of governments, as they try to provide regulation to assuage these fears. One prominent example of this is President Biden’s AI summit in which he met with the top AI industry CEOs. These types of events signal that AI is a force to be reckoned with and may well disrupt many workflows that have become part of everyday life.

The doomsday scenario in which robots start to kill people seems to be way off. But AI replacing jobs seems to be very real. In one related announcement, IBM’s CEO stated that he expects AI to replace thousands of jobs in the near future.

But instead of fearing AI, people should start thinking about how AI can help them get ahead. Clearly, the CEOs of the big tech companies like IBM are already making moves to enable AI to cut labor costs and improve their profitability. But AI will not only benefit large corporations, it should provide to benefit small businesses, sole proprietors and salaried employees. If your job has repetitive tasks, try and find a way to get AI to do these for you and concentrate on the areas in which you bring the most added value. For if you do not convert to the new way of doing things, you may find yourself out of work.

GTS is thinking of ways to implement AI for the benefits of itself and its customers. One of the most repetitive tasks is fielding customer questions about our translation services and providing price quotes. We already have automated price quotes on our website, and customers get instant price quotes online. Yet many customers still send us questions via email or chat. We are currently training a chatbot to engage with customers and provide answers to their questions. This is clearly a repetitive tasks which AI can help with, allowing GTS employees to focus on more specialized work.

This blog post is the first in a series of posts which contains some of the data that we will use to train our new AI-powered chatbot. All of the questions featured in these posts are real questions made by customers.

I have around 16 word documents ranging from 2-14 pages in length needing translated from English to Mexican Spanish. They also contain some oil and gas technical wording. Can you please provide a quote for this work and time frame.

Thanks. We have extensive experience in translating into Spanish for the Oil and Gas industry. Clients include Conoco Phillips, Flowserve, Sunoco and BP. You can get a price quote online by going to

I need 2 marriage certificates and 1 death certificate translated from English to Italian. How do I get you the documents and are they notarized?

Thanks. We can help. You can order the translations online by going to Just upload the certificates and select the prices. Our translations come with a signed statement of accuracy certificate which is accepted by USCIS and other government agencies. We do not provide notarization of translated certificates, but our certified translations are accepted by USCIS, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and most other government immigration offices.

How long would it take to have an MSDS translated from English to Chinese?

1 to 3 business days is typical. It depends on the number of pages of the MSDS. You can get an instant online price quote for the MSDS translation by going to The delivery date will be stated in the online quote.

Can you translate a document from Bosnian to English?

Yes we can. For a complete list of languages that we support, go to You can get an instant online price quote here:

Dear Recipient, We are looking for medical device IFU (85 pages) translation service. From English to: – Portuguese (Brazilian) – French – Czech – Danish – Estonian – Swedish – Greek – Italian – Latvian – Lithuanian – Norwegian – Polish – Slovak Are you able to provide the service and what would be the timeline & cost for each? Thanks in advance.

We specialize in translation of medical device IFUs, having translated hundreds of IFUs into over 50 languages. Our quality system is certified as compliant with the ISO 17100:2015 standard. You can get an online price quote which includes the delivery time here:

I have a European Registration for a 1996 Land Rover that I need translated into English for the purposes of obtaining a title/registration in the USA.

We can help translate your vehicle import documents into English. Our price for translation of the registration document is $400. This includes translation of the vehicle title into English, a signed translator affidavit and delivery by overnight mail to any address in the United States.

quote English to Spanish, ICF 7,000 words, pending IRB approval

We can help. We have translated hundreds of informed consent forms into over 30 languages. Our estimate for English to Spanish translation of a 7,000 word ICF is $650. Delivery in up to 3 business days. If you would like to get an exact price, please go to

I am requesting medical records of a hospital stay in Germany 22+ years ago for my husband while he was stationed in Germany with the US Army. I think the records will be in German and quite possibly hard to read (as doctors’ handwriting go LOL). I would like to know if you have any experience with that sort of translations. Please advise.

We have extensive experience in translation of medical records from German to English. But we do not translate handwritten texts for two reasons: (a) it is often difficult to read some handwritten texts and (b) it is not possible to obtain a word count for these documents.

Hello, our company is starting registration with the Mexican government through CompraNet. We have been asked to provide our constitutive documents (PA LLC filing and fictious name paperwork), our fiscal identification (SS-4 document), and proof of our address that have been apostilled, legalized and translated into Spanish. This is the first time we are registering with a foreign government, and we are not familiar with this process. What services will meet these requirements? Additionally, do our documents need to have an apostille before being translated?

We can help you translate the documents into Mexican Spanish. We also provide a signed statement of accuracy certificate which is recognized by the Mexican government. But we do not provide apostille services. . You can get an online price quote for Mexican Spanish translation services here:

We would like a quote for translating an ICF and HIPAA Authorization Form into Spanish.

We can help. We have translated hundreds of informed consent and HIPAA Authorization forms into Spanish. You can get an instant price quote and order the translation online here:

Hi, I would like to get a specialized quote. Could someone reach back out with your pricing structure? Per page (page limit) or per Word? It’s for HR related policies around 7,500 words.

Thank you. We can help. Our price structure is per-word based. You can get a price quote and/or a cost estimate on our website. We have extensive experience in translation of HR policies; we are especially experienced in translation of employee handbooks into Spanish and over 30 other languages.

Hello, I work for a medical device manufacturer. I have several instructions for use documents in various languages and I would like not to translate them, but to have a proofreading of the document to correct any mistake that might be present. Is this a service that you propose? If yes, how different is the pricing? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

In general, proofreading a professional translation costs 50% of the translation price. In our proofreading process, we compare the original and the translation on a line-by-line basis; and we also read the translated text to ensure fluent reading by the target audience. The most efficient way to do the proofreading is to review aligned, bilingual text in a TMX or other translation memory file (e.g. SDLXLIFF). Please bear in mind that we do not proofread machine translated text (like Google Translate).

Hello, I would appreciate it if you could quote me for translating 23 documents from English to Spanish (Mexico), with a total of approximately 92,000 words for all the documents. These documents are engineering instruction sheets, quality procedures, work instructions, and specifications. Please let me know the estimated delivery date for all 23 documents.

We have extensive experience in translation of engineering documents from English to Mexican Spanish. This includes translation of technical drawings. You can get a price quote and delivery time estimate on our website.

I am looking for technical document translation from English to French. Would it be possible to talk with someone about price and lead time?

Thanks for your inquiry about English to French translation services. You can get the cost and delivery time estimate on our website. There is no need for a phone conversation and the entire process can be done on our website.

I want to get a cost estimate but do not know the word count. How can I get a word count?

Please obtain the file in electronic format, like PDF or Word file. Once you have the file, please get a word count using an online word count tool. Here are some websites that can help:

My husband had a MRI done in Mexico & we need it read/translated. Do you do that?

Thanks. Yes, we can translate your MRI scan from Mexican Spanish into English. You can get an instant online price quote here:

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