5 Easy Power Poses to Make Yourself More Confident During Remote Meetings

Remote meetings are becoming more and more common fixtures in the business world as wireless technologies improve rapidly. And most recently, with the COVID-19 pandemic, remote meetings have become the main (and sometimes only) way in which business meetings are conducted.Unfortunately, a lot of people, even those who are perfectly confident and composed in traditional meetings, are extremely nervous and unsure when they have to meet with business contacts remotely. Luckily, there is an [Read more...]

Is Trump the New Translator in Chief?

The world is still abuzz with the state-sponsored assassination of Qasem Sulemani. This triggered talks of a US-Iran war. Then came the unintentional  downing of the Ukrainian International Airlines jet by Iran which claimed the lives of 176 souls.  This caused mass riots by thousands of irate Iranians who are demanding the ouster of Iran's ruling class.In a move reminiscent of the airborne leaflet propaganda used in World War II, US President Trump issued a pair of tweets to the citizens of [Read more...]

5 Ways Twitter Can Boost Your Foreign Language Skills

The fastest and most efficient way of learning a foreign language has always been total immersion, using the language on a daily basis, almost to the exclusion of your mother tongue. For people who are not living in a country where their target language is spoken, this is easier said than done.Luckily for the modern language learner, the internet -- and especially social media -- offers unrivaled scope for interacting with native speakers on a daily basis, offering an excellent way of [Read more...]