Interpreter vs Translator

Professional linguists and students of languages can choose from various career paths. Two of the mainstream occupations chosen by linguists are in the fields of interpretation and translation. What is a Linguist? A linguist is a person who studies or has studied language. But this is a very broad definition as there are many kinds of linguists. Some linguists focus on the structure of language and grammar. Computational linguists use computer and technology to deal with written and spoken [Read more...]

How Coronavirus Has Impacted Medical Interpretation

The coronavirus has displaced and disrupted many usual medical practices. More than ever, the need for adaptive medical treatment that can reach anyone regardless of their situation or spoken language has proven its importance in the face of a global pandemic.The impact of the coronavirus on medical interpretation and translation, of both face-to-face and remote interpreter services, will shape the future of these processes. Care facilities are reaching out through telemedicine as well as [Read more...]

The Anecdotes of Interpreting

by Vladimir ReznikovA lady (my client) begins to answer the immigration officer's question and then makes an aside to me: "Should I really be talking about this hooey?!" (of course, she didn't say those specific words, but that was the essence). And let me make a quick aside. The word "hooey" very closely approximates a Russian profanity, but is actually a very good translation for a Russian word of the same meaning (but a much softer translation).Anyway, the officer turns to her and [Read more...]