Translation and Language Industry Observations

Translating a website into other languages can be expensive. Translating an entire website may not only require a large budget, it usually requires extensive IT support. This may be problematic for small businesses that want to translate their company website at little expense and without a lot of technical headaches. Or sometimes, companies prefer to translate specific landing pages into other languages before launching the entire site in other languages.

Introducing the GTS Web Page Translator

That’s why GTS is introducing the first professional/paid web page translation tool on the market. Click here to get an instant price quote for website page translation. Just enter your landing page URLs and select the languages to get an instant price quote. Complete your order online to get started. We deliver your web page translations in HTML file format so you can publish your translated web pages online quickly and easily.

Professional translation of landing pages

Our online website translation service is available in over 50 languages. This includes Spanish translation services, English to French website translation services and Chinese website translation services.

When should you translate specific landing pages instead of your entire website?

As previously mentioned, translating an entire website can be expensive and may also require an intensive IT effort. Translating a few landing pages, on the other hand, is relatively cheap and simple. Some companies prefer to translate some of their more popular landing pages first, before translating the entire website. Not only is this much cheaper, it can also provide valuable insight into your planning process. Will translating your website to Spanish get you more customers? Will customers in Canada buy more products from your company if the website is translated to French Canadian? With our web page translation tool, it won’t cost you much to find out. Publish a few pages before committing your budget to a large scale website translation project.

No need for labor-intensive plugins, CMS/Integration or costly connectors

When localizing a large scale website, like an enterprise level website or an e-commerce website, you will typically need to interface with a Content Management System (CMS). In many deployments of multilingual websites, a software connector is responsible for pushing the translated content to the CMS. These tools are costly and also require specialized IT personnel. The beauty of the GTS web page translator is that you can circumvent these complex issues and arrive at a simple, low-cost solution for website translation.

How do I publish my translated web pages

After you order our web page translation service, we provide you with ready-to-publish HTML files. All you need to do is post the files via FTP to your server and the pages will be live immediately. There are several ways to publish your website translation. The simplest way is to open a new directory under the root directory of your website. For example, if you translate your landing pages to Spanish, create a folder named ‘ES’ and the web page URL will have an /ES extension.

Get indexed on search engines internationally

Not only does our web page translation service guarantee high quality content in all languages. We also translate the meta tags that some search engines use in the SERPs. As a result, the web pages that we translate for you will be indexed by the major search engines in the relevant countries. This will help your SEO in the original website language as well.

GTS is your best partner for website translation services!

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