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by Colton Jones

Canada is known for many things: hockey, poutine, friendly people, and more importantly-its millions of immigrants. But why are immigrants choosing to call Canada home, considering all of their other options? This article provides insights into the reasons behind Canada’s booming immigrant population and provides some guidelines on the immigration process.

Canada Wants Immigrants

Canada is widely considered to be relatively lenient when it comes to immigration. The immigration process is straightforward and you can apply for Canadian residence online. Despite having strict immigration laws in place, Canada is known as one of the easier countries to move to. Accepting hundreds of thousands of new immigrants every year, Canada’s immigration process is relatively straightforward.

In Canada, you will be evaluated on your English and French fluency, your financial situation, previous education, and secured jobs in the country, alongside many other factors.

Canada has two official languages: English and French. The documents that are required by the Canadian government for immigration can be submitted in English or in French. The translation requires for Canadian immigration can be found here.


One of the main reasons that immigrants continue choosing Canada as their country of immigration is its multiculturalism. As an immigrant-welcoming country, Canada has a diverse population with hundreds of cultures. From Asia to Europe, Canada has welcomed immigrants from around the world for decades and shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, Statista confirms that Canada has been welcoming upwards of 300,000 immigrants per year in recent years, well up from around 200,000 per year in the early 2000s.

As a country developed by immigrants, Canada is known for being very multicultural. The country’s main cultures include French, British, Italian, Polish, Native-Canadian, Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, and Scottish. Because the country already has a large immigrant population, it’s easier for new immigrants to feel more welcome and accepted in Canada.


Despite being known for its cold winters, Canada does experience four well-defined seasons. From cold winters to hot summers, Canada sees weather of all types and has different activities to enjoy during each season. Whether you are interested in skiing, fishing, or swimming, Canada has a season that offers it.


As the second-largest country in terms of physical area, with only Russia being larger, Canada has plenty of space. Despite all this space, Canada’s population is still far lower than many of its closest neighbors, including the United States and Mexico. For instance, it would take days to drive from Vancouver to Toronto, two of Canada’s biggest cities.

This large area makes it easier for new housing developments and the construction of residential areas, both of which are needed with a growing population. Contrary to other countries that are overpopulated, most of Canada is rural and yet to be developed, and the vast majority of its population lives relatively close to the U.S. border. As such, it is particularly accommodating to new construction projects and urbanization.

Immigration to Quebec

Quebec is Canada’s largest province in terms of size and second (after Ontario) in terms of population. And even though French is one of the official languages in all of Canada, French is the dominant language in Quebec, which is also home to Canada’s second largest city: Montreal. The government of the Quebec province encourages immigration applicants to learn French and even prefers to accept immigrants who are proficient in French.

Your knowledge of French may be taken into account if you wish to immigrate to Québec permanently. Knowledge of French may also be required in some immigration programs if you wish to transition from temporary to permanent status. (Official Quebec website)

Final Thoughts

From Pakistan to Germany, people from all around the world are making Canada their new home, and with more immigrants being accepted into the country every year, Canada is sure to continue being one of the leading immigration destinations.

GTS Translation provides certified French Canadian Translation Services and can translate your immigration documents to French or English.

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