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GTS to Sponsor at KTLC Translation and Localization Conference

GTS Translation Services is sponsoring at the Translation and Localization Conference which takes place on 29 September – 1 October 2022 at the Warsaw Novotel Airport hotel in Poland. The KTLC conference is an annual event which started in 2012. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, previous two conferences were held virtually. This year, KTLC is joining forces with Polish Konferencja tłumaczy event. KTLC is one of the top 5 language industry conferences in Europe.

KTLC doesn’t focus on only one aspect of the translation and localization industry. Each year, we make every effort to bring you a varied, inspiring, eye-opening schedule with top speakers from all around the world.

Who goes to translation and localization industry events?

Localization industry events are attended by professional translators, LSP (Language Service Provider) employees, industry analysts, corporate buyers, company localization managers and software vendors. Conferences will typically feature speakers who present an interesting aspect of their job, new technologies/workflows and industry forecasts and insights. In addition to the speaking program, an industry conference usually has booths of LSPs and vendors who exhibit their wares convention-style.

Why do people attend these events?

There are typically a number of possible reasons why people attend localization industry conferences:

  • It’s their job. Anyone who has attended these events will notice that you tend to see the same faces from event to event. Industry analysts, sales people/account managers, bloggers and paid speakers go to many events a year.
  • Break in the action. Many translators work at home and don’t get out that much. Going to an industry conference will take the translator to an interesting new land, stay at a nice hotel, dine out, meet new people and learn new ideas. Not to mention that it is a deductible expense, kind of like a paid vacation.
  • It’s fun. Most industry events have hosted dinners, cocktail parties, night tours and all kinds of fun stuff.
  • Corporate sponsors and L10N management. Industry conferences are sponsored by corporations and the sponsors will send a delegation to the event. Localization managers in large tech companies will often attend industry events.
  • Meet with clients/get new clients. Good reasons for sales people to attend.
  • M&A discussions. There are a lot of mergers and acquisitions in the localization industry. Industry events are a great place for M&A discussions.

Summing Up

KTLC has agreed to donate 10% of all sponsorship packages to humanitarian aid helping Ukrainian refugees and citizens. Furthermore, citizens of Ukraine will receive a discount rate on conference tickets. We are excited about this conference and look forward to seeing you in Warsaw


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